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Our Policy
The policy of our clinic is to make FUE (follicular unit extraction), presently the most modern and most sparing method of hair transplantation, accessible to a broader circle of people in Germany.

Until recently, this method was not available in the German-speaking nations. Anybody wishing to have a hair transplantation using the FUE method had two choices: (a) to go abroad or (b) to undergo a hair transplant performed in Germany using the conventional strip method and the even older Punch- method.



This is the reason why we offer you a hair transplant using the FUE method.

We are the first exclusive FUE practice in Germany. We specialize entirely in transplanting hair follicles using the FUE method. In other words, we do not offer any other kind of cosmetic operations aside from this.
In our practice you will not be treated all at the same time with other patients. Therefore, the whole attention of our team is given to you alone and your FUE!

Even if we offer the newest state of technology (please refer to historical development of hair transplantation ) we do not stop here. Instead, we go further ahead.  Our highly-specialized and motivated Team is interested in achieving developments for the well-being of our patients (please refer to A Look into the Future! ).