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Our Team

The team of the FUE- Hairtransplant Hamburg has a detailed experience in the field of hair loss and its treatment. Beside a detailed medical knowledge about the pathological changes of the hair follicle, we also possess practical experience from the patient's point of view. This has something to do with the fact that our consultant has undergone several hair transplants himself. This is a big advantage as it enables us to understand relatively well the worries, the miseries and the questions a hair transplant patient has. Also our assistants have important experience in hair transplant surgery and partly already assisted in hair transplants for a longer time.
Continuous education is very important to us. We follow the actual developments in hair transplant surgery thoroughly. In this we have busy interchange of ideas with international hair transplant practitioners. Our attention is focused to all aspects of modern hair transplant surgery: It reaches from basic research about the pathomorphology of the hair follicle to the refinement of the special extraction tools - all for a continuous development of hair transplants with the FUE- method.