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The specialist for FUE

FUE- Hairtransplant in Hamburg – the first specialist in FUE in German speaking Europe

In 2005 we were the first institution in German speaking Europe, specialized solely in the FUE- method of hair transplantation. Also taking whole Europe, we at that time were under the first FUE- specialists. Even at worldwide sight there were no more than 10 to 15 institutions which then solely were specialized in FUE.

fotolia_7260952_xsApart from FUE we do not offer other methods of hair transplantation and also no any other cosmetic surgeries. This specialisation is advantage to you. A comparison makes this clear: If you own (or whish to own) a high quality German car, were would you let it get repaired? In the next garage at the corner or at an appointed motor car repair shop which solely is specialized in that German cars? We certainly are happy to belong to the first institutions, to make the FUE- method well known worldwide. In the first line however, this will be a motivation to us, to be in front also in the future when it is a matter of optimizing further the FUE- method of hair transplantation.