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The key of success: most delicate hand work

op The FUE- technique was able to spread in such a short time because it is a gentle method and produces constant good results when done properly. The original FUE as it was developed by Dr. Ray Woods in Australia has the following characteristic in the first line:

most delicate handwork.

Dr. Woods always took care that quality stands over quantity. He never transplants more than 800 grafts per day – but he does this very gingerly and precisely. That is original FUE hair transplantation. Also we are convinced that this working philosophy has the most advantages for the patient. We emphasize that with us you will not get 2000 or more grafts per day but maximal 800 grafts. That is what we can answer for with a safe conscience. Therefore a FUE procedure done by us can last some consecutive days, if you need a high number of grafts.

In Germany, we are specialized in FUE for the longest time and we are convinced that the best results in FUE can only be achieved with this accurate method of working. Because of this we also say no to several technical/ mechanical aids which are promoted more and more, especially in foreign countries, in order to speed up the FUE procedure. Such technical aids like electric microdrills (“micromotors”) and “Implanters” in fact accelerate the FUE procedure and this is of benefit for the FUE- doctor because it enables him to treat more patients per time. However we are thoroughly convinced that the patient has no benefit from it. Quality and mass production are hardly compatible. In our opinion motorized technical aids are too rough, and cannot produce better results. FUE always should be delicate manual work – for the patients benefit.