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We give advice by phone, per E-mail and/or on-the-spot personal consultation   free of charge and without any obligations.

Oftentimes, you will be establishing first contacts with us either by phone or via internet. These means of communication are for such purposes very appropriate. However, it is also clear that despite the possibility of sending photos per e-mail, only a limited analysis is possible.  The most effective way, though, is a medical consultation with us in our clinic. Only through direct physician-patient dialogue can we achieve a favourable judgment and know more about your personal condition, concerns, wishes and expectations. Hence, we lay great value that such consultation takes place. We will examine your bald spots, analyze the characteristics of your scalp and the quality of the donor region. We will discuss with you, what is feasible and what is not. Should you be a suitable candidate, then there is no reason not to perform a FUE hair transplant.

We will make a precise plan together with the aim of finding the most favourable therapy suitable for your problem zones.

This plan would include:

  1. defining a natural-looking hairline according to your desire with the use of a marking pen; as much as possible, we will apply here the principles of the face index (otherwise known as the classical formula of da Vinci)
  2. precise calculation of the bald surface
  3. defining the desired, or in certain respects, most feasible density (up to 80 grafts/ cm² in one session)
  4. marking and calculating of sections, since different approaches and / or density are required for every section
  5. calculating the whole number of grafts required, broken down according to sections
  6. documentation by taking photographs from different angles under standard terms with a high-resolution digital camera complete with special macro-equipment

In our practice, you will be given advice two times!
The physician-patient talk takes place with the doctor going to perform the hair transplantation. In addition to this, you have the chance to talk about everything once more with an exceedingly-experienced hair transplantation patient: Our general manager is a hair transplant patient, too. During the years, he has amassed great special knowledge in hair transplantation. Adding his own experiences to all these, there is no doubt that he can very well understand the questions and worries confronting the patients. If you have decided on having a treatment in our practice, he will be there during your stay with us with an open ear to all your concerns and he will be there, too, to organize your stay as good as possible.

We do not cooperate with middlemen or recruiting agencies. Instead of sacrificing the money for commissions, we rather invest it in research and work for improvements.

Our consultations do not take place under time pressure. You may raise as many questions as you like. The essential matters discussed during your individual consultation are recorded in a consultation sheet.

Please take your time in making a decision. You take home the sheet with you and send it to us later on complete with your signature. Or, at the latest, bring it along with you on the first day of your scheduled hair transplantation already signed. If you need to travel so far in coming to us and should you ever decide to have an operation in our clinic on the same day after consultation, we ask you to please give yourself at least a day. In so doing, you will have enough time to give your consent willingly for the operation or not.

Foreign languages:
Aside from English, you can also correspond with us in the following languages: German, Turkish, French.

Naturally, we stick to the principles of professional discretion and to data protection guidelines. All information provided to us by our patients is strictly confidential.

You can choose from the different possibilities in consulting us:

Consultation by phone:
You can reach us from Monday to Friday (8:00 - 17:00) under the telephone number 040/12345678 (international: ++4940/12345678).

Consultation per E-mail:
Send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
Every small e-mail is welcome. If you want to create a perfect e-mail, the following data would be optimal:

  1. good-quality photographs of your present hair status (frontal view, slanting shot of the head taken from above, lateral view, sideward, back of the head, back of the head with parted hair, hair in wet condition, and whenever possible, photographs showing hair on the chest and on the legs in case you wish to have body grafts; in case of scar corrections, a photograph of the scar area is needed),
  2. your age, 
  3. whenever possible, a detailed chronological account of your own history of hair loss and the history of hair loss in the immediate family (grandparents, parents and siblings)
  4. state your concrete notions and expectations
  5. mention all important illnesses (diabetes, former heart infarctions, viral infections, etc) and medicines that you regular takeWe will attend to your request and shall be sending you an answer per e-mail as soon as possible.
On-the-spot individual consultation in Hamburg: Arrange an appointment for individual consultation with us in our clinic in Hamburg. In this case, please refer to Arrival , in order to know how to reach us.