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4 facts you should know as a help-seeking person

1. before - after - pictures

In Germany it is forbidden since 2006 to publish before - after - pictures. However, in many other countries this is allowed. Therefore, bear in mind that before - after- pictures on foreign websites do not mean that these institutions in contrast to German institutions have results.

The German legislator allows to show results in a personal consultation, though. So we can offer you to have a look at such pictures in our institution in Hamburg.

2. No middleman

We do not work together with extern middlemen. We are able to advice our patients ourself. Why putting this sensitive business into another persons hand? We prefer to invest the spared commission into research and development. Always take in mind that a middleman is not independent. He mostly will recommend you these institutions, to whom he has contracts. Of course this is legitimate, but it is not independent.

3. No pomp

Many institutions try to impress their patients with generous rooms and luxurious furniture. Always take in mind as a patient: These exteriors were financed with the patients money. However the patient gets no substantial benefit from it. The opposite is rather true: this money could have been invested in research, development and medical education after all.

In our institution you will not find superfluous luxury: We will concentrate on the main task: Your FUE hair transplant.

Instead of investing in design furniture we rather invest in continuing development and optimization of the FUE- instruments, the FUE- technique and the workflow.

4. FUE is no surgery

Many interested people are sceptical about cosmetic surgery, though. The idea to let a scalpel on their skin without an essential medical need is disagreeable to them. Also if one wished a hair transplant he had to let a scalpel on his skin until some few years back. This is right. But these times are over. We will not miss to inform you that the modern FUE- method is no surgery. No scalpel will be applied, the scalp will not be cut up. Instead, all the hair roots will be gained one by one using fine hollow needles. This treatment is gentle and due to anesthetics also painless.

Therefore today you have the choice how you want a hair transplant: with scalpel or without.