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Forms, Causes, Psychological Effects, Possibilities of Treatment

Each person loses up to 100 hairs per day. This number is absolutely normal. Short-haired persons become mostly aware of this fact only when they wash their hair. Nevertheless, if more hair loss takes place for a longer period of time and there is no adequate hair growth to replenish this loss, then there is reason enough to get worried.

Hair loss: Forms & causes

There are different forms of hair loss (= alopecia), which can be divided into a number of….
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Psychological effects

Beautiful, shining and full hair stands for attraction, youth, and above all,….
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Medical treatment

blocks only one subtype of the enzyme. Dutasterid (trademark…
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Operative Therapy

Hair transplant:
Hair transplant surgery is one form of operative therapy applied in the treatment of hair loss. During a hair transplant, donor hair follicles, which are genetically…
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Hair pieces and hair subsitutes

Thickening sprays and powder:
Thin hair can be optically thickened to a certain degree with the use of special thickening sprays or powders like „Toppik™“ or…
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