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Function of hair in the human being

Hair does not have any task of valuable importance. Hence, it is assumed at first glance that it is a superfluous organ.

Taking a much closer look, though, it has actually very useful functions:
  • Protection from light: Protection of the scalp from harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Warmth isolation: Protection from quick cooling in wintertime
  • Protection from insects and dust: The hair of the nostrils and the auditory tube work perform this function
  • "Motion detector“: Even the slightest touch, say that of a small mosquito or light breeze, is quickly registered by the very sensitive nerve fibers connected with the hair follicle:
  • socio-cultural importance: It is probably the most important function of hair in the human being. Full hair stands for youthfulness, attraction and, above all, vitality.
  • psychological well-being: Advantage in the choice of partners. Even if we might not be conscious of it, we are strongly influenced by this signal function of the hair. This seemingly archaic behavioural pattern is more evident and widespread in the animal world - just look at the mane of most male mammals). Unfortunately, there is some truth in the popular saying: "The biggest obstacle in flirting is a bald head!"