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How to deal with your hair after the transplant procedure

Important pointers and useful tips:
  • We recommend you to come again to our practice on the following morning after your last day of FUE treatment for a post-treatment control. The scalp will be gently cleaned, disinfected and bandaged with a fresh dressing.
  • The small crusts in the donor area and in the area of implantation usually disappear completely within some days and they should not be scraped off by force. A gentle touch is enough, for these crusts rescind by itself little by little.
  • Like after every hair transplant, it may happen that a small swollen area at the upper part of the forehead develops around 24 hours after the treatment. On account of gravity, this swelling is observed within the first three days after treatment and may spread down to the eyebrows and eyelids or even reach the cheeks. It disappears by itself completely after a week. The swell can be poorly or well-defined. Practically, they are not observed in treatments of smaller scale. In the case of swellings we recommend you to hold ready sunglasses and a baseball cap.
  • At first, the formerly bald area, which is now transplanted with grafts, appear to be somewhat reddish. Oftentimes, this light redness in transplants of smaller scale disappears already within the next 3 weeks. Under some circumstances, such redness resulting from transplants involving much greater number of grafts can last up to 3 months till it completely disappears. In the donor area such changes is not so obvious, since in this area hair grows anew quickly.
  • In smaller FUE- sessions redness and scales are scarcely noticed by others. Besides you have the possibility to hide the implantation area by the surrounding hair or by the use of a simple baseball- cap. In larger FUE- sessions, one should consider taking a minimum vacation of 2-weeks length so as to avoid being noticed by the immediate environment. Perhaps it is even much better if you simply inform your immediate environment what is happening with your head. Many patients report that the reactions were completely positive.
  • Ingrown hairs in the donor will usually unbend itself and therefore are no problem.

Preventive measures:
  • During the next 10 days, wash your hair very carefully. Give much attention to the fact that the transplanted hair grafts should not be exposed to long periods of water contact. At best, do not wash your hair at all on the first day after your treatment.
  • For the care of your scalp during the following days, you can use the mild care set that we will provide you after larger FUE-sessions.
  • Avoid exposing the transplanted grafts or the small point-shaped crusts in the donor region to any form of mechanical strain during the next 10 days (for example, rubbing down with a towel). Refrain from scratching any of the treated places even if an itch in this part of the scalp would entice you to do so.
  • However, when the small crusts are all gone, rubbing down the donor with a towel is useful to prevent from ingrowing hairs.
  • Do not engage in any extreme sport activities during the following three weeks (for example, Bungee jumping, bodybuilding, soccer football (danger of a header!!).
  • During the next 3 weeks, refrain from swimming.
  • During the next 3 weeks avoid direct exposure to the sun or going to the solarium.