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Costs and services

Costs and services

About the prices and the various service features we offer in our practice, we like to inform you in personal telephone calls and e-mails. If you wish, you can tell us at that same time your individual problem with your hair.

Spectrum of FUE- hair transplants in our practice

Apart from scalp grafts we also transplant body grafts from various areas of the body (mostly from the chest) into the scalp. Reversely, we insert also grafts into various body regions, e.g. in hairless spots in the beard or the eyebrows.

Mini- FUE (less than 300 grafts) - FUE and go to work already the next day

Perhaps you have only a very small hair- problem: a small uneven area in the hairline or a hairless spot on the head (for example, a scar), which you would like to have it covered with hair.

Another indication for Mini- FUE is if the patient cannot take enough free days after the FUE. In order not to be conspicuous with his hairs the Mini- FUE is the best method: The patient comes for about 200 Grafts several times. If additionally the recipient area is not to be shaved nobody will notice the treatment even the next day. This procedure certainly can be repeated as often as the satisfying result is reached - slowly, discrete and not detectable for the environment as being the result of a hair transplant.

Obviously, it would be too much for us if we are going to spend one whole working day just to attend to such small needs. And yet, we can offer you our services for this purpose. And how? We will gather the names of patients wishing to have such minimal operations done and as soon as we have enough names on the list, we can devote a working day or two entirely for this purpose. Of course, this would mean that you should be flexible enough in conceding to whatever date there is available.

Note: In Germany, health insurance companies do not refund costs incurred during hair transplants on cosmetic indications.