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How is FUE performed:

The following procedure is a description of the steps we follow at our practice in performing a usual FUE of approximately 1000 -1500 grafts:

We begin your FUE day with a preliminary talk, wherein the essentials concerning the plan and the procedure will be talked discussed once again with you.

Then we will shave the required surface of the donor area at a hair length of approximately 2 mm. In case of small FUE transplant procedures, it is possible that we shave only a small part of the donor area. By doing so, it is easy to cover the small shaven area with the long neighbouring hair. Thus, it will not be so obvious.

In case of larger FUE-transplant procedures (from 1500 grafts it is necessary to shave the whole donor area, to facilitate an equal distribution of extracted grafts throughout the whole area.

After shaving we make photodocumentation of your head, especially the donor region. This is necessary to record scars and normvariances (e. g. the goose pimples-aspect of some shaved scalps, already been present before the FUE- procedure).

Then you may select from a row of caps at our practice, which you will be wearing throughout the whole period of your treatment in Hamburg and during the first weeks after this (it is also useful as defense from injuring ultraviolet sun light).

Afterwards, we begin with the anesthesia. We use the finest syringes for anesthesia and it is to be expected that the injection is almost painless.

Freshly extracted grafts in the nutritional solution
The extraction of the grafts takes most of the time utilized in FUE hair transplant procedure. The grafts must be exactly hit so that they can be gathered unscathed. For this purpose, we use a stable extraction needle especially made for our own use, which has an outside diameter range mostly between 0.7 and 0.9 mm (22 and 20 gauge). The detailed view necessary for the operation is made possible by high grade head-worn operation loupes.

The grafts are implanted in the bald surface of the scalp after the end of every extraction session. For this purpose, the recipient area is injected with anesthesia in the same manner as the donor area. The grafts are then placed one by one with very fine needles (mostly 23-21 gauge, which corresponds to 0,6 - 0.8 mm diameter) creating tiny canals, into which the grafts are inserted/implanted.

Hereby, we attach great importance to aesthetics:
The grafts are implanted with extremely careful manual work at an angle, which corresponds to the natural growth direction of the hair to be found there or, respectively, that used to be there before.

Basically, we implant single FU's on the first row or anterior part of the hair line. This is done in order to give it its natural "soft look", especially when it is this part of the head that strikes the attention first in everyday life. In the regions located behind it, we implant double and triple FU's. This helps in achieving a possible high density in this area of the scalp (see Data and technical details).
In order to relax and to strengthen, we give importance to having a regular lunchbreak, If you like, you may eat lunch with the staff. Please tell us your wish (Chinese food, Italian food, Indian food or you name it) beforehand, so that we can order on time. The staff will orient itself to your wish. Perhaps, you would prefer to spend the time alone in the patient's rest space to relax or enjoy the wide array of media we offer our patients. If you have your room in the near Etap- Hotel you also can rest there. The Etap- Hotel is only a 3- minute walk.

During this time, the grafts suffer no damage at all. They are kept cooled automatically with exactly adjusted temperature in a petridish filled with a special liquid medium. Under such circumstances, the grafts can survive for many hours.

Due to the application of local anesthetics, the FUE is practically painless throughout the whole period. In cases when the treatment lasts for a number of days, it is possible that the patient's need for more anesthesia increases. This is only harmless and temporary effect we call in medicine "tachyphylaxy"

During the treatment you will either sit on an operating chair or lie down on an operating table. During the hair transplant procedure you may listen to MP3-music or converse with the team members (but, please, do not move your head!) or simply let your thoughts wander and doze. Many patients report that they feel so relaxed during the implantation of grafts. Thus, many would rather take a nap.

We will interrupt the treatment any time you wish for a small break.

You should feel relaxed as much as possible in our practice.

After the daily treatment, you have the all the possibilities: (a) to go out and eat with the team, (b) to stay in your hotel, or (c) to discover Hamburg using the ticket of the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund we have organized for you.