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Who is legible for a hair transplant?

Genetically-defined hair loss:

Bald and thinning areas resulting from androgenetic alopecia can be successfully alleviated through FUE. Since transplantation is not in the capacity to stop the further development of genetic hair loss and since medical treatment cannot give any guarantee whatsoever, it is sometimes necessary to perform several hair transplants.
When planning an FUE it is very important to make an estimate as to how long has the hair loss been in existence through the help of data and photographs of the immediate family of the patient (grandparents, parents and siblings), to work out a worst case scenario and eventually base the treatment strategy on this information.

Basically, patients below 20 years of age may already undergo a hair transplant. However, it should be determined with great certainty that the hair loss in these patients is just of slight or middle nature through the help of the above-mentioned data.

Important tip:
An 100% prognosis can never be sure since the responsible genes are inherited for many generations (even up to the predecessors of your grandparents). As a rule though, a good estimate can be done.

Correction of scars:

FUE suits well to correct cosmetically annoying scars (hairless regions) and cover these scars with hair once again making them less obvious. The scars may form as a result of, for example, burns, accidents (wounds on the head or the eyebrows), former hair transplants using the strip method (back stretch effect of the scar at the back of the head).

It should be noted that, hair follicles transplanted on scar tissues have generally a reduced growth rate. This is because of the suboptimal supply with oxygen and nutrients in scar tissue. Because of this, the lesser growth rate in scar tissue applies to FUE- grafts as well as to Strip-FU- grafts to the same extend. The rate of grafts which will take roots in scar tissue, is difficult to state in a given patient. The average value is between 50 and 60 %. Thus it might be necessary to perform several FUE's depending on the patient and on the scar tissues to reach a good result. But you will be surprised, how good look can be achieved by just a few grafts! 

Correction of hairless area of all kinds and asymmetries:

All kinds of hair loss in all parts of the body (for example, women with a pronounced forehead, missing eyebrows, less-defined eyebrows, asymmetrical look of the upper lip moustache, etc.) can be corrected with the use of FUE.