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Eyebrow- hair transplant

Eyebrow- hair transplant

An eyebrow hair transplant often has astonishing positive effects on the appearance and charisma of a person. It is bewildering that only a few grafts can lead to a markedly improvement. Guideline of every eyebrow- hair transplant must be naturalness. We do not want attract attention, because our new eyebrows look artificial, of course. Instead we want attract attention because our new eyebrows radiate natural beauty. It is not easy at all, to create a natural look at a so limited place like the eyebrows. Many years of experience and an eye for minute details are necessary to master an eyebrow hair transplant.




The safety of eyebrow hair transplants

An eyebrow hair transplant is a small hair transplant. Therefore side effects are limited. The injection of the anesthetics is rather painful because the region around the eyes is very sensitive. After the anesthesia however you do not feel anything. Rather frequent are hematomas on the eyelashes. However they vanish quickly and can be camouflaged easily with make up. Swellings around the eyes are relative frequent. They also vanish quickly, mostly overnight.

Eyebrow hair transplant compared to cosmetic methods

Using cosmetics eyebrows can be pencilled so that they look stronger, longer or broader. To pencil the eyebrows is widely accepted - as long as you are a woman. For men, however this is problematic.

Furthermore, it is disadvantageous that on every occasion you must pencil your eyebrows anew. And it is still only cosmetic. Having a detailed look your visavis will register fast that your beautiful eyebrows are not natural but pencilled.

The solving of these problems is a well done eyebrow hair transplant. Especially for men. If masterly done, the result is absolutely natural looking. The people in your surroundings will think these are your natural (and beautiful) eyebrows.

Performing an eyebrow hair transplant

An eyebrow hair transplant needs 100 to 400 hairs. If only a small spot (e.g. gap or scar) needs to be filled up, also a less number of hairs could be sufficient. We take the hairs from certain areas from the head, which are the most suitable to imitate eyebrow hairs. Because an eyebrow hair transplant needs not many hairs the donor region will look unchanged thereafter. Apart from the somewhat unpleasant injection of the anesthetics you will not feel anyting throughout the whole procedure.

After your eyebrow hair transplant

The small crusts at the donor region as well as at the transplanted eyebrows will vanish of itself within a few days. Do not try to scratch them away. If you do not want to be asked about these crusts, take a free week.

The first 5 days after your eyebrow hair transplant take your showers carefully. Do not let flow shampoo over your eyebrows. The barbers hair wash technique is ideal for you in the first 5 days. You must avoid rubbing down your eyebrows with a towel the first 20 days.


As for every hair transplant also after an eyebrow hair transplant the transplanted hairs will fall out in the next 5 weeks because of the transplantation stress. This is only temporary. After 3 to 4 months the hairs will regrow. After approx. 6 months the full result will appear.