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As is usually the case with every hair transplant, the hair of the transplanted grafts almost completely sheds within the next 10- 30 days. This phenomenon called known as shedding is attributed to the "stress" that the hair grafts have been exposed to during the transplant procedure. The corresponding hair follicles have, of course, survived. They have merely entered a transitional phase we call the rest period. This period lasts differently from patient to patient. What is very important is that the patient should not get alarmed should this period lasts much longer as anticipated.  In most cases, the following time span has been observed:
  • Beginning from the 3rd till the 4th month, you will see the first "new" hair growing. Between the 5th and the 8th month, nearly all of the transplanted hair follicles have begun step by step with the production of hair shafts.
  • On the 12th month, the complete result can be seen. The "new" hair can be styled the way one likes to have it.
The rate of grafts which will take roots in the donor is the same in FUE and strip- surgery: mostly over 90 %. Transplanted body- grafts and grafts transplanted in scar tissue, have a lesser rate: approx. 60 %. Furthermore, the final result in transplanted body grafts or the ones transplanted into scar areas, may be reached some few months longer.